Lightning from Penmaemawr

Yr Awen a ganaf
Or dwfn y dwgaf

I am a whisper in an alleyway
I am a silhouette on a hill
I am your thoughts at 3am
I am a cold clammy hand in the dark
I am your darkest fears
I am a stone circle
I am a Crows head
I am an Eagle on the wind
I am a singing waterfall

Yr Awen a ganaf
Or dwfn y dwgav

I am a dark chamber at midnight
I am a new born calf in a barn
I am a winding track through a wood
I am a tumbling wave in the ocean
I am the foam on a beach
I am a sunset on the coast
I am an early morning mist
I am an Oak standing in a field
I am a ritual in a forest
I am your happiest moment
I am a new born child
I am a painting on a wall

I am you
and you are me

Yr Awen a ganaf
Or dwfn y dwgaf

I am the earth beneath your steps
I am root
I am seedling
I am bush and tree
I am rock and molten core
I am the air that you breathe
I am sunshine on your legs
I am the wind on your cheek
I am a shooting star in the sky
I am Orion rising
I am the Pole Star
I am the Milky Way (Sarn Gwyddion)
I am fire
and water
I am every thought you’ve ever had
I am every desire you feel

I am you
and you are me

Yr Awen a ganaf
Or dwfn y dwgaf

Sunset over Ynys Mon from  Penmaemawr

Returning to Llyn Tegid

Llyn Tegid, Snowdonia
Llyn Tegid, Snowdonia

Yesterday, I decided to return to Llyn Tegid. When I arrived at Pant Yr Onnen camp site, the place was almost completely deserted, probably due to the inclement weather forecast for the day. It was perfect for what I had planned, I needed solitude and quiet. In the ‘ADO’ field there was only a solitary tent, occupied by aa amiable entertaining chap who was living the outdoor life for the weekend, kayaking, camp fire, sleeping under the stars that sort of thing.

I walked through the trees to where our camp fire had been, there was water and a lot of it. Looking at the flotsam on the shore the level had obviously been a lot higher, the large Oak we’d all sat under was standing in the water, roots disappearing into the brown stained water. Hornets were still busy to and from their nest. One even landed on my jacket, they are such a beautiful creature close up.

I spent some time just sitting and thinking about the weekend with you, my Druid family and Cerridwen. Exploring the shore only a few metres either side of the large Oak revealed some amazing natural treasures including some stunning beautiful fungi of all shapes, sizes and colours. I’ll post photos later. After a while ‘talking with’ Cerridwen, a dose of Awen arrived and I was able to start doing my photography.

Later I decided to enter the lake, I walked out to about where the Cauldron had been turned and kneeled. Water was up to my neck and I was facing the Oak. The view from this level close to the water is something I can thoroughly recommend. With eyes at tree root level, the water is merely a narrow band, smooth and perfectly reflective. Looking behind me the mountains looked majestic in the distance.

Out of nowhere a pair of Kingfisher birds appeared and landed on a small tree about 5 metres to my left. For the next ten minutes or so, maybe more, they were diving in and out of the water, right in front of my immobile head. I have NEVER been this close to a kingfisher before.

A few moments later a Buzzard came gliding across the lake right over my head and landed in a tree just behind the large Oak. And then a second Buzzard on the same flight path.

This morning I’ve woken feeling calm, relaxed, chilled, nourished, content and very happy.

Thank you Cerridwen for all the treasures you gave me yesterday.

Llyn Tegid, Snowdonia

Walking with Ophelia

When Ophelia, or the remnants of it arrived in South Cheshire recently I felt there was only one thing to do; go outside in to the countryside and walk. Having donned my walking boots and layered up I left the house heading towards the sunset, passing under many bending trees, the sound being very evocative, I could feel the raw force of the wind on my face, very invigorating and I felt alive, so alive!

I climbed the stile to my left and walked into the middle of a field, the wind spiralling around me I raised my arms skyward and spoke to the Gods of the Sky  

Gods of the sky
That hold the eagle aloft
That carry our ancestors whispers
Gods of the sky
That give the sunrise in the East
And the sunset in the West
Gods of the sky
That by night give us Sarn Gwyddion
and Rhiannon riding Pegasus
Gods of the Sky
That tonight give me the energy to face this storm
Be here now

The trees around were bending and the energy in that field was special. That raw energy of the wild wind, of wild weather the wildness exacerbated by the darkness. To be alone in a field, pitch black, I was reminded of Ted Hughes poem Crow

To hatch a crow
A black rainbow
Bent in emptiness
Over emptiness
But flying